Our Values

Responsible cannabis use

Despite all the progress, there is still a stigma around cannabis users. We believe that moderation is key to demonstrating responsible cannabis consumption. We know when and when not to medicate.


Follow the golden rule

Trump supporter, gay, black or Muslim. No matter what your background is, each of us need to be treated and to treat others with respect, period. We expect our community to be accepting of others.


Stop and smell the flower

We spend too much time worrying about the past and future. Take a couple seconds and be present in the moment. Appreciate and find meaning in the little things.


Laughter is the cheapest medicine

People say and do funny things. Be able to find joy and laughter with others.


We get sh*t done

Just because we enjoy cannabis doesn't mean we're lazy. We are professionals, intellectuals, parents, neighbors, possibly your priest. We just also happen to smoke pot.


Be curious

Curiosity drives us to learn more about the things we are passionate about. We explore and experience the world. And yes, sometimes we do it stoned.