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Dee Dussault’s Ganja Yoga – Date Night Fridays

$75 - $180 Click here to Purchase 

Partner Ganja Yoga & Massage

On the second Friday of each month, enjoy a “yogic date night” with your partner. 

Learn easy partner yoga and Thai-style massage moves to bring relaxation and facilitate deeper connection. These monthly all-levels yoga classes are for partners or close friends who want to playfully connect, and enjoy a fun, cannabis-enhanced evening of yoga.

You’ll relax, giggle, and learn together in a variety of easy, all-levels poses that aren’t “acro-yoga.” All shapes, sizes, experience-levels, and sexual orientations welcome. : )

And while cannabis is optional for these classes, each month we will have a variety of sensuality-themed cannabis products for you to try if you’d like!

This month:

~ Concentrates by Deviant Dabs
~ Organic Joints by Flow Kana
~ Lickable Cannabis Body Buttery by Golden Goddess Botanicals
~ Cannabis Lubricant (to take home), by Foria

Location: Shared once registration is complete. Near Powell station, SF

Dates: The second Friday of each month: July 14, Aug 11, Sept 8, etc.

Time: 7-10. Please arrive as you wish between 7-7:20 for a chance to explore our delectable cannabis options. Yoga goes 7:30-9:30, with time afterwards for tea and community. 

Price: $75/couple, or register for the July, Aug, and September classes for $180!

Limited to ten couples/class.

21+ SVP.


Dee Dussault is the creator of Ganja Yoga, cannabis-enhanced yoga classes. A yoga practitioner with over twenty years of experience, Dee was the first yogi to offer enhanced yoga outside of ancient India. Her book, Ganja Yoga, was released with Harper Collins in April, 2017. Her pioneering work has been featured in Vice, Business Insider, The New York Times, 7X7, Good Morning America, Glamour Magazine, New York Magazine, and many others.

Dee has taught Ganja Yoga to thousands of people in over a dozen North American cities. She is also a sexuality coach, with over a decade of research in sexuality, and a focus on women’s sexuality. She carries an honors degree in Sexuality Studies, and an additional Sexuality Certificate. She also has attended relationship counseling trainings with both Harville Hendrix’ Imago System and Interchange Counseling. Her yoga training was with Ananda Shakti, of Sananda Yoga in Toronto, in the Tantric tradition of Swami Satyananda of Bihar, India. It is a 500-hour Yoga-Alliance certified certificate.

Dee has taught Sexy Flex Yoga and Partner Yoga and Massage to hundreds of women and couples around the world, helping them to tap into their radiant embodied selves.

$2 mat rental, limited.

Arrive between 7-7:30, for yoga 7:30-9. We have an optional complimentary tea lounge after yoga (from 9-9:30pm).



Vape Pens by Eel River Organics
“We’re located on the Eel River in Humboldt County, where we plant, harvest and cure cannabis in the most sustainable, environmentally responsible way possible. This is a place where ideal weather patterns, organic farming practices and high-quality cannabis strains combine to produce medical-grade marijuana that rivals any on Earth.”

Moon Man’s Mistress edibles
Paleo, organic, non-GMO, low-glycemic, dairy-free, wheat-free, locally-sourced, and INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS “chocolate chip crater cookies,” and other great edibles!

Sponsored by Sava, use the promo code GANJAYOGA for 10% off either product!


Do we need a medical marijuana card? No. While an MMJ card is not required for class, patients who have one can bring it, along with their ID, to receive a complimentary Eel River vape pen to take home!

“Do I have to use cannabis at Ganja Yoga?”
Yoga is great, altered or not. Sometimes students feel like using ganja to enhance their practice, and other times, having a yoga practice without ganja feels better. It’s always up to you.

“How much ganja should I consume for this practice?”
First-timers to Ganja Yoga or yoga in general should consume less cannabis than they usually do, so the experience of yoga is enhanced. Everyone’s relationship to cannabis is different.

“Is it co-ed?”

“Is it safe? What if I haven’t done yoga before”
Yes. We’re not going to get into an altered state of consciousness then show off our arm balances. Ganja Yoga is about experiencing something beautiful and trippy and cool inside yourself. Most of the time our eyes are all closed, so it’s about relaxing in an introverted way, without caring what others are doing. I am a 500-hour certified hatha yoga teacher with twenty years of practice. Since 2009, I’ve taught Ganja Yoga to thousands of students in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, New York City, Vancouver, Denver, Boulder, Portland, Costa Rica, – and my home-town of Toronto. Yoga injuries are sadly far too common, and having suffered one myself, I strive to ensure my students’ bodies are kept safe in all of my classes. More than that, I empower my students to take responsibility for themselves, – and to chill the F out. 

“Extremely relaxing practice and incorporates a sense of community and body consciousness that I’ve never experienced in all my years as a yogi. Plus, I’ve never slept so well!” ~ Michael