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Cannabis & Mindfulness

Join us as we break green and listen to our speaker, Alex, as he explores the ways we can be mindful in our thoughts & actions. 

Alex's Class in His Own Words

What in the hell are we looking for? Human nature is funny because it is defined by really one thing and one thing only. Desire. The desire to have more than what we currently have. So we set goals. And chase them. But what happens when we achieve them? We go about setting new shit to go and achieve. We are defined by desire. We are motivated by the constant seeking of something other than what we have and what we are. And it's fucking exhausting. And the greatest trick of all....?

What we desire is already here. It's in us. We are searching everywhere for something that is basically our very nature.

Doesn't make a lot of sense does it? Well, welcome to the shit show that is humanity.

Living a spiritual life has nothing to do with being in a good mood all the time. Nope. It has everything to do with allowance. Clearing the years of conditioning to life's ups and downs so we can finally relax in the only thing that's actually real. Presence.

The second you learn to stop being the seeker and start being the objective watcher is the second everything you've ever been looking for shows up in a fucking magical and gorgeous cloud of absolute nothingness.

Stop existing through life's randomness. And start living through its ever blooming aliveness.

The bad news is you are in a total free fall.

The good news is there is no ground.

Dig that.

Please remember to bring the following:

  • valid California MMJ license

  • an open mind

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